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1-1/2" Pro Beginners Kit - PSBK1

1-1/2" Pro Beginners Kit - PSBK1

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1-1/2" Tenon Cutter - TTR1500
  • 1-1/2" Tenon Diameter
  • Accepts a 2" to 3" Log
  • 3" Max Tenon Length

1-1/2" Forstner Bit - FB1500

We purchase every product possible within the USA regardless of cost. At this time, there are currently no manufacturers of forstner bits in the USA.

  • Forstner Bit (can be used in a hand drill or drill press)
Quick Stop Pin Set - QS1000
  • Includes 1", 1-1/2" & 2" pins
20 Log Furniture Plan Booklet - EZPLAN 10
  • Includes 20 of our most popular log furniture blueprint plans


    You’re a pro! Or maybe you’re just on your way to becoming one. Either way, this kit will make you look like a pro by making building log furniture a breeze. This tenon cutter is the luxury version of the Home Series, by offering more features and pieces. The quick stop pin system, and in-sight measurement system™. These allow you to cut the tenon to length without having to measure. See, I told you we’d make you look like a pro!

    The Pro Series Beginner’s Kit features a 1 ½” tenon cutter (our most popular size due to versatility), a forstner bit, a quick stop pin system and 20 piece plan booklet (for all those projects you want to build). It also features a radius shoulder profile (see the log picture in the thumbnail above) for a more refined look for that rustic furniture project. 


    • Made in the USA
    • Creates a radius shoulder profile
    • In-sight measurement system™
    • Machined from a solid billet of aluminum
    • Premium plated, threaded shank that can be removed for replacement
    • Dual blade technology™
    • Blades can be replaced or re-sharpened
    • SH0750 (1/2”) – Shank threads (3/4-16 UNF)
    • Lifetime Guarantee 


    • 1/2" drill
    • Single-speed
    • 450 RPM or less

    Recommended Drills: 


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