Price Match Policy

Price Match Policy - Distributors & Other Sellers

Lumberjack Tools will occasionally price match items from other sellers. However, it is based on the sale running at the time, and the customer service representative's full discretion. We will do our best to ensure that you receive a fair price, but often times sales running are based on discounts provided by a particular distributor and their sales and marketing schedule. This is why you may see a better discount on their website one day, and a better discount on ours at another. We encourage you to feel free to purchase from one of our authorized distributors if you feel that you can get a better discount that we are not able to honor at that time.

Price Match Policy - Our Sales

Depending on what sale is running at the time, we may be able to match a price on a purchase you have already made. This is based on the customer service representative's full discretion. 

The following circumstances are not able to be price matched:

  • The item(s) were purchased from another seller
  • The email with the sales or promotions has a clause at the bottom claiming no-price matching outside the sale time period
  • The item(s) were purchased over 5 business days ago
  • Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sales
  • Special holiday sales including, but not limited to: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Veteran's Day, Christmas Holiday sales (November-December)

*We have the right to refuse to price match at any time for any reason. While we will attempt to assist you, there is never a price match guarantee due to the continual changes in pricing from other sellers and our own sales and marketing.