Holiday Suggestions

1. Commercial Series Beginner's Kit (CSBK1) - One of our absolute best sellers. This kit includes the 1 1/2" Commercial Series tenon cutter that offers a larger log capacity, and the traditional 60° tapered shoulder profile. It is a very versatile kit, and you can make almost any project with it. Great for beginners, and a great price too!
2. Industrial Series Professional Kit - Do you want to give a BIG gift? This is it! Our Industrial Series kit will let you make any project you can dream of. It has the largest log capacity tenon cutters of any kit out there, and allows you to tackle big projects. You'll make someone's dream come true with this kit, and maybe get some projects made for yourself as well!
3. Draw Knife - This is the very first year that the NEW and Improved draw knife is available for sale during Christmas time! Every log furniture builder needs one of these to get the job done. From peeling logs, to tapering the end of the log to start the tenon cutter, these things are versatile and super easy to use!
4. Lumberjack Tools Hat - Throw in some merchandise into your gift! Why not sport a comfortable Lumberjack Tools hat while cutting, drilling and assembling? Throw one in the cart for yourself as well.
5. Countersink Bits (Only for Commercial and Industrial Tenon Cutters) - Want the option of either a 60° tapered shoulder, or no shoulder at all? If you have a drill press, you can use these handy bits to create a "flush" joint with no shoulder. Options are good.
6. Lumberjack Tools Pocket Knife - Use this handy knife to cut that pesky tape and wrapping paper. You can also use it for other tasks around the shop.
7. Home Series Master Kit - For many of our customers, this is their favorite kit. It comes with our three most popular sizes (1", 1 1/2" and 2"), and allows you to complete a large variety of projects. It is a great price too! Three cutters for a good price? Now that's a Merry Christmas!
8. Lumberjack Tools Water Bottle - This 26 oz aluminum BPA free bottle includes a carabiner handle, and a wide mouth for easy cleaning.
9. Pro Series Professional Kit - If you know someone who like details and smaller projects, this is the perfect kit. Complete with smaller sized tenon cutters (1/2" and 3/4"), this kit allows the making of spindles, and other intricate designs much easier.
10. Milwaukee 1660-6 Drill - Having the right drill is just as important as having the right tenon cutter. Without it, you can run into all sorts of issues. Give your special someone the whole package by including this with your gift.