About Us


At Lumberjack Tools, our passion is to provide
high quality woodworking tools at a fair price.
This allows our customers to focus on their own
creativity, vision and enthusiasm for DIY projects.
Lumberjack Tools was founded by a husband and wife team in an
effort to create a better tenon cutter for their own log furniture building projects.
The company slowly grew and is currently the #1 Tenon Cutter business in the USA.



Lumberjack Tools is the original dual blade tenon cutter and has supporting log furniture builders for nearly 20 years!

We are the largest retailer of log/rustic furniture building tools in the world, all of which are made right here in the USA.

We pride ourself on many values that set us apart including: 

• USA made tools
• Locally sourced manufacturing & materials (to support US jobs)
• Excellent/knowledgeable customer service (no automated phone systems here)
• Superior quality products (we don't use the cheapest materials, we use the best)
• Lifetime guarantees (we stand behind our products)
• In house product development, engineering, testing, packaging, sales & customer service
• Donate to local organizations and schools
• Support veterans through projects, donations & more!