HD0500 - 1/2" Compact Drill 450 RPM 1660-6

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Use Milwaukee's® 1/2-In. Compact Drill 450 RPM for use on a variety of materials. This tool can get the job done quickly and efficiently. The Milwaukee 450 RPM Compact Drill has a 1/2 inch capacity in steel. Like many compact corded drills, this drill, intended for two-handed operation, has extra-long handles for increased maneuverability and better control during use. The larger handles on the Milwaukee 450 RPM Compact Drill also assist with the process of cutting thick or hard materials, by giving the user a greater degree of stability and angle control. Due to its high RPM capacity, this Milwaukee compact drill is excellent for most high-torque applications that may come up. It's also able to handle larger size drill bits giving it even more versatility. This adds to the capacity of this Milwaukee compact drill on a multitude of materials. 12345