What Do I Need to Get Started?

By: Jennifer Mueller 

So you're ready to start building log furniture, but not sure if you have all the tools and accessories you need. That's what we're here for! Luckily, you don't need much, and you may even have some of them laying around your garage or shop already.

Just in case, we made a checklist below to help you get started. See below the checklist for more detail on each item on the list.

1. Tenon Cutter, Forstner or Self-Feed Bit & Plan Booklet

These 3 items are separate on the list, but we are going to talk about them as one item due to the fact that you can purchase a kit that comes with a tenon cutter, forstner or self-feed bit, and plan booklet. 

In order to drill, cut and assemble, you will need all three of these items. The forstner or self-feed bits drill the mortise hole. The tenon cutter cuts the tenon on the end of the log. The plan booklet provides detailed tips, techniques and blueprints for how to build and assemble 20 of our most popular projects.

See HERE for the difference between the forstner & self-feed bits

Click HERE to shop kits


2. Vice/Clamp System

It is EXTREMELY important for the quality of tenons, but more importantly for safety, that you have a vice or clamp system to securely hold your logs in place. Our tools are very powerful, and if you do not take correct safety precautions, there is a very real risk of danger to yourself and others.

Due to popular demand, and based on customer feedback, we created a "Log Lock" vice to help secure logs in place quickly, easily, and safely.


3. Drill

Using the right drill is vital to the success of your project. 95% of the time, when people are experiencing issues with the tools, it is due to the fact that they are not using a drill with the correct specs to run the tenon cutter.

Check out our blog post HERE on the necessary specs to effectively run our cutters for optimal results.

4. Draw Knife

Last, but definitely not least is a draw knife. A good draw knife will last a lifetime, and be useful for many different tasks. You will need this for peeling bark, tapering down the end of logs if they are too large to fit in a tenon cutter, and many other tasks. If you don't already have one of these, we would highly recommend purchasing one.

If you have any additional questions, you are welcome to call us during our business hours (Monday - Friday 8am -4:30pm CST) at 715-720-4719. 

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