Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season? We've got you covered. From BurnStencils, to log tenon cutters, to accessories, and more. Ideas for the professional, beginner and a variety to fit your budget. Check out our suggestions below.

  1. Blade Boss Sharpening Jig - This gift is perfect for those who want to sharpen their own blades. The jig works with a drill press, to sharpen our TB0750 & TB2500 blades
  2. 6" x 6" BurnStencils - Available in a wide variety of styles, these stencils quickly and easily burn designs onto any untreated wood surface
  3. Countersink Bit Set - Make your 60° tapered shoulder tenon joint into a flush joint, by using this set. Works for 1", 1-1/2" & 2" sizes
  4. 20 Log Furniture Plans Booklet - Specifically designed by our product engineers, this book includes blueprints, tips, techniques and more. The perfect stocking stuffer for your log furniture building friends or family
  5. Replacement Blades - It's never a bad idea to have extra replacement blades available in your shop. Fill someone's stocking with something they will use
  6. Mini BurnStencil Kits - Fill someone's stocking with these, or use them to create a stocking stuffer. These are the right size for coasters, ornaments and more!
  7. 1/2" Pro Tenon Cutter - For the professional, or detailed woodworker, this tenon cutter is the best! Premium, aircraft grade aluminum, the 1/2" Pro Tenon Cutter is just the right size for spindles, coat racks and other specialty projects
  8. Quick Stop Pins - Stop your tenons at a specified length with this pin and bolt set. Use these pins to set into your 1", 1-1/2" & 2" Pro™ or Industrial™ tenon cutters, to get accurate lengths every time
  9. Micro Torch - If you're using a BurnStencil, this is the ideal torch for you! Pair this up with some Butane, and you are all set to start burning and creating custom projects
  10. 3/4" Pro Tenon Cutter - This versatile tenon cutter is great for chair and table stretchers, or small crafts

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