DIY Wood Burning Stencil Coasters


By: Jennifer Engedal

Supply List

  1. Lumberjack Tools Mini Stencil Kit HERE
  2. Wooden Coasters (Like THESE from Hobby Lobby)
    Wood Coasters
  3. Small Butane Torch

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STEP 1: Clear the surface of sawdust and debris
STEP 2: Practice burning

Before you start burning a project it’s VERY IMPORTANT to practice. Read the instructions included with the butane torch to learn how to use the tool properly. Grab your stencil, a few pieces of flat scrap wood, and burn the surface with a butane torch. Once you’re able to easily control burning the surface and you feel comfortable handling the torch, you’re ready to burn your project piece. 

STEP 3: Standard operation

  1. Start the torch with the flame pointed down at the wood so that the inner blue flame is about a 1/2” inch away from the surface, adjust based off the desired burning speed and final burn result. When held at the correct height, the wood will turn black in less than 1 second
  2. Move the torch in a steady, controlled manner. DO NOT fan the torch back and forth quickly (this puts out the flame)
  3. Burn in a pattern from left to right or top to bottom to avoid over burning the wood. Never linger on a single section for more than 2 seconds. In many scenarios it is best to “outline” each section first, then fill in the section
  4. Once burning is complete, shut off the torch, and set it on a level, non-flammable surface
  5. Slide the stencil away from the wood by using a screwdriver and pliers and place hot stencil on a nonflammable surface such as concrete/brick
  6. NEVER attempt to grab the stencil by hand for at least 30 minutes after burning is complete
STEP 4: Enjoy your finished project or gift it to someone!

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